Podcasts: Soundtracking with Edith Bowman

I'm not musically gifted. Sure, I can sing aloud without bursting the eardrums of those around me (usually just my flat mate), but that's about it. I'm particularly inept at humming, something my twin sister will readily attest to. I have (on a good day) around a fifty per cent accuracy. I can manage the classic themes–Star Wars, James Bond, Doctor Who ... well, most of the theme to Doctor Who.

And I did once learn to play Greensleeves on my friend's keyboard, an accomplishment I was very proud of at the time–for the few hours I could remember how to play it (sorry Don, you were a very patient teacher).

In spite of all this I do like music–from indie rock to hip hop to film scores–and I like listening to other people talk about music. I only discovered this latter fact late last year after I stumbled upon a newer edition to the podcast scene, Soundtracking with Edith Bowman.

Soundtracking is a bi-weekly podcast about music in film (and sometimes television and theatre), hosted by broadcaster and writer Edith Bowman. Each week Bowman chats with a different person working in the film and television industry (usually a director) about their own relationship  with music, and the use of music in their films and other works. An affable interviewer and true music aficionado, Bowman asks interesting questions which her guests readily respond to, offering up music-related anecdotes from both their personal and professional lives.

Boasting a strong back catalogue of interviews, Soundtracking is well worth your time if you enjoy all things music and/or film and television. My favourite instalment is Episode 1 with Ben Wheatley but other highlights include Episode 22 (J. A. Bayona), Episode 11 (Andrea Arnold) and Episode 26 (Danny Boyle). It's also the most professional podcast I've come across so far. The sound quality and editing is always excellent, the music mentioned by Bowman and her guests seamlessly woven into each episode. 

That's all for now. Until next time,
Miss Fif