Travel Highs and Lows

The first time my sister and I went overseas we received a crash course in the unpredictable nature of travel. Things went wrong. Accommodation fell through. Phone batteries died (Google maps were tragically lost), and my sister got sick. I may have lead us in the wrong direction once or twice …

But for all the lousy things that happened there many more wonderful moments. We got to experience cultures both like and unlike our own, to wander through the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew and explore the grounds of Magdalen College.

We got to visit the Neues Museum and view the stunning bust of Nefertiti, safely encased in her glass box, while security watched over her. We got to drink warm punch on a freezing day in Prague and explore the city's cobbled, winding streets.

We saw wild deer for the first time, sampled the famous spa water at the Roman Baths (yes, it tastes as weird as it smells) and visited the Royal Crescent. And we climbed Arthur's Seat, and discovered a love for hiking neither of us was aware of.

This year we're going to explore New Zealand with our brother (we represent the red-haired contingent of the family). We're going to visit many National Parks, go for lots of hikes, and (obviously) tour Hobbiton. And if anything goes wrong–well, that's okay. Because there's always something wonderful waiting, just out of sight.

Until next time,
Miss Fif